The Transform Plan

Transform 3 Year Plan


What do we need to do over the next 3 years?






Enhance leadership at all levels

·         Local Governance

·         Directors, enhance Board Governance

·         Clusters

·         Deputies

·         Further develop concept of “clusters” and their structure

·         Further refine the standards visit for governors

·         Consideration to finance standards meeting for local governance

·         Succession risk Exec team

·         Grow capacity:

·         more seconded TA’s

·         Lead TA Associate

·         Cluster accounatibility / reporting  defined

·         Research and development joint practice across clusters

·         Succession risk

·         Develop a community / parent forum for local governance

·         Develop a staff forum for local governance

·         External Review of Transform Trust

Improve operational efficiency via integrated support and shared services

·         Policy

·         Data

·         Data Protection

·         To develop practice, marketing and local delivery consideration to projection co-ordiation

·         Shared IT drives

·         Digital strategy

·         It support – a technicial+ role

·         Further develop centralised roles (finance)

·         Consideration to financial accountant type role

·         Improve compliance checks and accountability at local governance level

·         HR admin or similar

·         SBM’s linking with other schools to offer support and challenge

·         Further develop analytical finance work




Transform Expertise

The strength of the Teaching School Alliance means all Trust schools have access to system leaders in partner schools as well as support from specialist providers.


  • 8 National Leaders of Education (NLE)
  • 10 Local Leaders of Education (LLE)
  • 50+ Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE)
  • 3 National Leaders of Governance (NLG)



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