Performing Arts

Nurturing creativity and originality



The Transform Performing Arts Festival has become a much anticipated and hugely popular date on the Summer Calendar for our schools. Last year it was hosted by the Nottingham Emmanuel School with a theme chosen by the Children’s Parliament – ‘Around the World.’ Each school had five minutes on stage to perform a dance, drama or musical piece along the chosen theme.

This full day event has impacted so positively in-school, bringing a fresh and vibrant energy to the art curriculum and adding tremendous value to the children’s experience of the Arts as a whole. They were able to research their theme and contribute to its development as well as the performance of their chosen piece.

Rehearsals brought children together from across year groups and provided a valuable opportunity to work as a team for a common aim.

A special Christmas Festival was held for the first time in December 2018 at the Albert Hall in Nottingham. Parents were invited along for a full day of Christmas performances as well as communal songs and prayers.

“I just loved being part of the Performing Arts Festival, being on stage with my friends. We were so nervous, but had so much fun”

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