Rosslyn Park School celebrate their dedication to wellbeing, equality and diversity

Rosslyn Park School celebrate their dedication to wellbeing, equality and diversity

Rosslyn Park Primary and Nursery School begins the new academic year with two national awards and we are incredibly proud of what they have achieved. Rosslyn Park has gone the extra mile to ensure their children enjoy a rich and diverse curriculum whilst promoting wellbeing throughout every part of their school life. The resilience needed to achieve these two prestigious awards in the midst of a global pandemic cannot be underestimated.

Firstly, the ‘Wellbeing Award For Schools’ , developed in partnership with the National Children’s Bureau (NCB), was awarded to Rosslyn Park in recognition of their focus on good mental health and wellbeing across every aspect of school life. To undertake this process during an academic year – which was far from typical and full of uncertainty – and to come out the other side with an even better focus and an award has given all of the staff involved a real boost. More importantly, however, it also gives the pupils (new and returning) and their families – and new members of staff – confidence in the school’s approach to mental health and wellbeing and our core values of Respect and Kindness.

The second accolade, the prestigious Silver Quality Mark for History was awarded in recognition of Rosslyn Park’s innovative curriculum and relevance to our ever-changing world. Rosslyn Park was commended for its ‘inquisitive style and diverse topics’, embedded from Year 1 to 6 to ensure both a depth and breadth of curriculum across the entire school.

Valeria Oliver, Head of Junior Years and History curriculum lead at Rosslyn Park Primary and Nursery School said:

“I am so proud of our wonderful teaching team and supportive headteacher we have at Rosslyn Park, we worked on the Wellbeing Award and the History Quality Mark at the same time and succeeded in both areas. History is a rich and versatile subject and, as teachers, it’s incredibly important that we set the context sensitively and inclusively. Rosslyn Park is a wonderfully diverse school which encourages cultural exploration. Our aim is to create curious and tolerant hearts and minds, empower all pupils and bring critical thinking into the classroom.”

Rosslyn Park is incredibly proud of its diverse community and makes sure Black History, local history and relevant topics are covered in a meaningful way, backed by research, for all of their pupils and with the wider community in mind. The awarding body ‘HAQM’ was also impressed by the school’s collaboration with other local schools and the University of Nottingham to create a topic called Vandalism or Activism?” to spark debates and get students engaging in critical conversations. This demonstrates Transform Trust’s other two values Respect and Creativity as it is creating a diverse curriculum that teaches children important life skills. Conversation, turn taking, questioning what they read and what they see so they can navigate the world with curiosity and respect for others.

Rebecca Meredith CEO Transform Trust said

“Rosslyn Park’s achievements are outstanding. They consistently go the extra mile to ensure their children are having fabulous learning experiences. Both awards demonstrate the passion Rosslyn Park has for their pupils and the wider community and I’m delighted that our teachers have been given national recognition.  Our family of schools all share a desire to create equal opportunities for its pupils regardless of their ethnicity, sex or religion and I cannot wait to see what we can achieve as a whole as the new academic year begins.”

We look forward to seeing what Rosslyn Park achieve this year after such a strong start.

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