Children’s Parliament

The Children’s Parliament is the voice of our children across the Trust. It is made up of two elected Year 6 representatives from each school within the Trust. The children undertake an important role in identifying areas for improvement through consultation in-school and being a driving force of change.

They meet together around 6 times per year and debate ideas and initiatives that are then implemented throughout the Trust. They have a direct reporting line into the Trustees and are a truly valuable and respected group.

Many meetings have taken place in conference rooms at locations in the City to give a ‘real world’ experience adding and extra dimension to the experience with a taste of being in a real working environment.

The children who have represented their schools have benefitted from leadership development from the team that deliver CPD to Transform school staff teams. They have thoroughly enjoyed their experience.

“I loved being part of Transform Parliament. I feel I am much more confident and less shy and it has helped me get ready for Year 7.”

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