Children’s Parliament

The Children’s Parliament is the voice of our children across Transform. It is made up of two elected Yr 6 representatives from each school within the trust. The children undertake an important role in identifying areas for improvement through consultation in school and being a driving force for change.

The meetings take on a formal nature with an elected Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary taking control of the meetings. Congratulations to this year’s team comprised of Esme from Edale Rise Primary School (Chair) and Amara and Qasim who secured the roles of Vice Chair and Secretary respectively and are both from William Booth Primary School. They are also supported by Parliament lead Mr Hillier, Headteacher from Parkdale Primary School.

The children meet around six times per year and discuss ideas and initiatives that are then agreed and implemented across the Trust. The children have a direct reporting line to the Trustees and are a truly valuable and respected group. At their most recent meeting the children have been focusing on a trust wide Eco-charter and highlighting areas of eco improvement that can be made in their own schools. They took the initiative to ban all single use plastic, individually wrapped snacks and unnecessary waste paper at all future Parliament meetings. They are certainly a force to be reckoned with!

“I loved being part of Transform Parliament. I feel I am much more confident and less shy and it has helped me get ready for Year 7.”

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