Children’s Parliament

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The Children’s Parliament is the voice of our children across Transform. It is made up of two elected Yr 6 representatives from each school within the trust. The children undertake an important role in identifying areas for improvement through consultation in school and being a driving force for change.

Usually our meetings would take on a formal nature with an elected Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary taking control of the meetings. This year has been unprecedented but our Parliament children have not been deterred! There have been a number of changes to the way Parliament is run, including meeting via zoom instead of in person. The children have been incredible at adapting to the current circumstances and change in technology and communication. They have worked with their peers to identify projects they would like to work on in their schools and they were all able to confidently present their ideas and action plans to large groups over zoom. No mean feat by any stretch!

As before, supported by Kim Blount (Transform Trust Enrichment and Events Lead) and Mr Hillier (Headteacher of Parkdale Primary School), the children have a direct reporting line to our Transform trustees and are given leadership training to help them to present their ideas and their findings.

With lockdown 3.0 upon us our children yet again will face more changes but we have no doubt whatsoever that they will embrace the new challenges and we will continue to be a driving force of the trust and a force to be reckoned with! Watch this space…

If you would like to find out more about our Children’s Parliament or may be able to offer some experience or value to their learning then please contact, we would love to hear from you.

“I loved being part of Transform Parliament. I feel I am much more confident and less shy and it has helped me get ready for Year 7.”

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