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Can we teach practical science lessons during the COVID-19 pandemic?
– Tanya White


QR Codes for Summer Learning Booklets


We are very pleased the Summer Learning Booklets have been delivered to you and that children are already enjoying completing the activities that have been put together. We understand that there have been some issues around scanning the QR codes and we are keen to ensure the children have everything they need to access the learning in the booklets. Therefore, we have gathered all of the files and help sheets for every year group and have created PDFs for you to access the files you need. Simply click through the links below and find the correct year group for your child. Please be aware that the word documents can take a minute or so to download properly – you can then scroll through these to find the help prompts you need.

We hope that you will find these to be a useful tool in supporting your child with their learning, wellbeing and physical activities. We look forward to welcoming the children back in September and wish you all a wonderful summer.

Year 1 Maths QR Code:

Year 2 Maths QR Code:

Year 3 Maths QR Code:

Year 4 Maths QR Code:

Year 5 Maths QR Code:


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