Children's Parliament

Transform Trust's Children's Parliament is the voice of our pupils across the Trust. It is made up of two elected Year 6 representatives from each school within the Trust. The children undertake an important role in identifying areas for improvement and being the driving force of change. They meet together around 6 times per year and debate ideas and initiatives that are then implemented throughout the Trust. They have a direct reporting line into the Trustees and are a truly valuable and respected group.


  •  “I have been chosen to do many important jobs in school like behaviour buddies. We are meant to protect the younger children from danger. I have been selected as School Council/Parliament and as I will get more jobs to help the environment, I will be satisfied.”



  •  “I will bring leadership but I won’t take over because it can’t give others a chance to speak their mind. I will be a good listener and also help their ideas take action in some way to affect our learning.”

  •  My Pledge: “I will always try to communicate to the other schools to set a clear idea. I will try my best with the Trust and outside of it.” - Year 6 Pupil, Sneinton CofE Primary

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