The Transform Difference


We Do Things Differently...

At Transform we like to think we do things differently. We are growing rapidly, because our partners believe in our commitment to providing a forward thinking, supportive environment in which to shape their improvement journey, without diluting their identity and community focus.


Our member schools engage in open and honest dialogue with us to ensure that we establish an accurate baseline measure of performance. This enables us to develop together a programme of support that is focused and meaningful for the whole school. We have found for example, that adopting a coaching model in schools creates a positive culture where all staff feel supported and empowered to reflect on and improve their practice.


  • Individual school identity is important to us
  • Schools work together to improve and thrive – every school has something to offer
  • Shared working, learning and development for staff at all levels
  • High impact support available from the Trust and Teaching School



    •  "The Transform Trust has provided effective support through shared training and staff development opportunities. Through rigorous monitoring and decisive actions, the trust has enabled the school to secure good teaching and improved outcomes for pupils. Leaders and teachers speak highly of the opportunities they have to develop their practice." - Brocklewood Ofsted Report, 2017


School Improvement Team

Our Associate Headteachers work alongside senior leaders in the Trust, to support bespoke school improvement priorities from identifying these priorities, to implementing key actions and evaluating their impact.


Key strategies include: coaching, mentoring, modelling exemplary practice and supporting ongoing monitoring and evaluation e.g. book looks, learning walks and observations. Within the team they have a proven track record of school improvement across the primary phases and across the primary curriculum.


As well as working alongside individual schools, they also lead many cross Trust professional development events such as moderation and subject leader networks. In doing so, they aim to foster links between schools, sharing good practice and enhancing provision for all the children we serve.


    •  "Leaders have brought rapid improvement to teaching and learning since the school became an academy. Skilled leaders, including some from the trust, provide intensive coaching and mentoring to teaching staff. Staff have had many opportunities to develop their practice and contribute to whole-school improvement. Leaders have built these into teachers' personal targets for development." - Allenton Ofsted, 2017


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