Our Vision & Ethos

Trust Values



At Transform we like to think we do things differently. We are growing rapidly, because our partners believe in our commitment to providing a forward thinking, supportive environment in which to shape their improvement journey, without diluting their identity and community focus.

Our member schools engage in open and honest dialogue with us to ensure that we establish an accurate baseline measure of performance. This enables us to develop together a programme of support that is focused and meaningful for the whole school. We have found for example, that adopting a coaching model in schools creates a positive culture where all staff feel supported and empowered to reflect on and improve their practice.

Trust Principles

  • An excellent education and the highest expectations for all, regardless of background or barriers to learning.
  • Disadvantaged Premium should support improved attainment, raised expectations and readiness for life and learning.
  • High quality teaching and learning should be prioritised over intervention. An intervention culture can lead to disadvantaged children being ″someone else′s″ responsibility.
  • Disadvantaged premium should be used to ensure children access excellent teaching and learning every day.
  • Disadvantaged premium should address the needs of children as early as possible. It should focus on gaps in learning.


Along with:

  • A personalised approach to conversion and school improvement
  • Traditional values: mutual respect, integrity, honesty and openness
  • Best start for children; no excuses: everyone can achieve