Transform Trust welcome the Ofsted Executive team to Transform HQ and South Wilford Primary School

Transform Trust welcome the Ofsted Executive team to Transform HQ and South Wilford Primary School

Recently, Transform Trust had very special visitors from Ofsted so that they could get an opportunity to speak in depth with the central team and visit one of our family of schools to see our values in action.

Firstly, they prepared some documents following the Ofsted format, with an Ofsted Said, Children Often Said written by South Wilford children, and Transform Said. These documents provided detailed contextual information so that our approach is clear and there is input from everyone in the Transform Trust journey.

The visit began at Transform HQ with our CEO Rebecca Meredith giving an overview of Transform’s history, from her headship at Sneinton to forming the Transform Alliance. She explained that all schools respond to local need and context, maintaining their individuality and having our values as the golden thread that links us all together. This way our schools become community hubs, and demographically we have over 7000 children on roll. Our most recent all staff survey also revealed that 90% of staff across the school from teachers to maintenance, administration to leadership, are happy in their job. Something we are incredibly proud of and always seeking to improve even further. Together we are at our best.

Next, Jill Wilkinson spoke about our governance structure and the high levels of information sharing between local chairs and boards, as well as chairs forum. Our partnerships were also explained with our North, South, Derby, Mansfield and Ashfield and Faith partnerships each having link trustee’s. Finally, she outlined how this structure and information sharing allows for data-driven support within each school.

Azuraye Williams, our DEIB Lead, outlined our vision to promote change and break down barriers. DEIB is to be a golden thread throughout the trust and she highlighted our focus on the empowerment of our staff and children. She explained how we have begun creating a culture of belonging with all stakeholders and the work we continue to do to nurture this. She concluded with the impact this has had within our schools.

Liz Barratt spoke about our bespoke CPD offer, Transform Applied, and how our Learn it, Live it, Legacy approach provides long term positive impact and shared best practice. She explained that Transform Applied works both within Transform as well as wider with other multi-academy trusts and brings in expertise from multiple sources to ensure a broad and balanced CPD curriculum that anyone can access.

Emma Hampton then spoke about our SEND and Inclusion strategy with a key focus on intersectionality and increased complexity of need. She outlined our data led assessment, planning, implementation and review approach so that ultimately as a Trust we can individually name and support all children. She also explained our Enhanced Provision Panel’s with Educational Psychologists brought in to support with complex need, attendance and to support schools with ambitions and resources to ensure inclusion is achievable and children are thriving.

Next, Lindsay Clark spoke about her role as Enrichment Strategy Lead, highlighting the importance of personal development and building lasting memories and relationships for all of the children in our care. Strong memories of school trips and the skills build while on them are important for children to take into their educational journey and adult lives.

Finally, the team spoke about safeguarding and how a data driven safeguarding approach, coupled with an inclusive culture that is empathetic and supportive allows for key conversations and swift action when matters arise.

The visit continued with a swift visit to South Wilford to speak to the children and see these values in practice. Led by student leaders, the Ofsted Executive witnessed a student led presentation to showcase their roles across the school and were led around the school to see each year group in their learning environment. Led by the children, the Ofsted team were able to ask questions and see the impact of the Transform Trust approach.

Amanda Spielman, CEO of Ofsted said:

“It was really good to hear about Transform Trust’s work and the ambition they have for children’s education. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing from the children at South Wilford Primary – listening to an excerpt from their latest podcast was a particular highlight. I’d like to thank the Transform Trust and South Wilford Primary community for welcoming me so warmly.”

Rebecca Meredith, CEO of Transform Trust added:

“It was such a privilege to be able to welcome Ofsted into Transform Trust and showcase exactly what we do. Our team are incredibly dedicated to the lives of all of our children and communities and we work together to continuously improve what we do.”