Leadership for Children

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The Leadership for Children Programme was launched in 2018, devised by the Transform Team to enable Year 5 and 6 children develop the skills to express themselves effectively, understand the needs of their local & wider communities and challenge the viewpoints of others.

The programme is being piloted with the first cohort of Children’s Parliament representatives. It is having such a positive impact with the children that the decision to roll it out to include Year 5 children was a natural progression.

A packed programme has been planned for the year, incorporating sessions out of school in special venues that reflect the world of work.

We are also using the learning from ‘Future Engage Deliver’ by renowned leadership coach, Steve Radcliffe.

Guest speakers from a variety of backgrounds: Sport, Employers and Local Communities will contribute to give our leaders of the future a broad insight into the characteristics of leadership as well as building the skills to enable them to be effective leaders within their schools and communities.

To read our Leadership for Children flyer, please click here. For more information about this offer, please email claire.stafford@transformtrust.co.uk.

“Our Leadership for Children Programmes are unique because they have been written specifically for the needs of OUR children.  

They are grounded in oracy skills, citizenship and coaching,  and are designed to ensure that all of our children become agents of change who can impact positively on their community.”

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